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Integrative Medicine for Optimal Life Performance

Oceans Medical is among the few in the Caribbean region world with an interest in being a center of advanced and comprehensive techniques in health and wellness as well as performance medicine.  


In our offices, we offer our patients integrative medicine for five major clinical areas. 


When you’re in pain, it’s hard to think of anything else. The expert pain management team at Oceans Medical can help.  We treat patients each year with conditions ranging from arthritis to sciatica and can help you find the right pain treatment plan.

Helping patients better manage their pain is what we do every day.


We’re here for you when you need us. Don’t wait in pain any longer.



Our Preventive Health and Executive Health Program provides busy individuals with an efficient way to receive a confidential, comprehensive, head-to-toe health assessment from one of the region's most committed medical practices in diagnostic medicine, biomedical discovery and personalized care. Through conducting a series of examinations and screenings and then delivering a report of tangible, actionable results, our goal is to help business leaders, parents, retirees, early stage executives gain a complete understanding of their existing health status, as well as how to maintain or improve their health.



At Oceans Medical, we strive to provide complete quality care for our patients. We utilize a unique and integrated approach to quickly relieve musculoskeletal complaints. Our main goal is to help athletes and active adults from any sport, at any level heal injuries and improve performance through a variety of techniques and novel technologies.

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